Millie Fletcher’s Bat Mitzvah

DSCN0474Mrs Young writes:

On Saturday 23rd November it was my privilege to attend Millie Fletcher’s Bat Mitzvah at Birmingham Progressive Synagogue.

Here Mille writes about her special day:

On Saturday 23rd of November, I had my Bat Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage in the Jewish faith that means being a ‘daughter of the commandment’. It symbolises a young person’s ‘coming of age’, and also their journey on becoming a young Jewish adult. I had practised months for mine and I was very nervous!

I had to read Genesis chapter 37 verses 1-11 out of the Torah in Hebrew, and write a speech about the passage and about what it meant to me. That was called the D’var Torah. This passage is all about Joseph telling his parents and his brothers about the two dreams that he had. I had to translate it from Hebrew to English and from English to Hebrew. To me, the passage showed Joseph as being slightly narcissistic, because his dreams were all about him being in a position of authority.

Then, I had to read a part of the Tanach. (Amos Chapter 2 Verse 6 to Chapter 3 Verse 8) This is the Haftarah, which is a series of selections from the books of Nevi’im.

To me, being a Bat Mitzvah means having new responsibilities. Responsibilities to continue to practise my Jewish faith throughout my life. I also believe that having a Bat Mitzvah is showing a commitment you have to your faith because I know that this is just the start of my Jewish learning.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Bat Mitzvah and it was nice to share the special moment with family and friends.

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  1. RaushanFebruary 6, 2014 at 11:48 am #

    Haha!! Such fun. Well done for learning your Hebrew Millie! 🙂

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