Women in Islam

This week our Lower U4th girls enjoyed a stimulating morning exploring the topic of ‘Women in Islam’. The majority of the sessions were run by Muslim women themselves and they shared something of how their faith informs their lives. Dr Aisha Ahmad, who lectures in aspects of Sociology and Theology at Birmingham University, spoke about her life as an academic and her passion for sport; she has represented Great Britain playing football for the Muslim women’s team. She encouraged girls to challenge stereotypes of Muslim women. She also warned of negative influences and grooming via the Internet. Economics teacher, Mrs Azmat invited girls to enjoy a presentation made by her daughter whilst she was on Umrah in Mecca. She also spoke about her life as a University tutor and the shared roles she and her husband have in raising their family. Miss Moosa, who is currently on a placement with us from Birmingham University, considered marriage in Islam exploring the rights of Muslim women. She also encouraged girls to think critically about issues such as polygamy. Dr Jackson-Royal guided girls through women in the Qur’an focusing particularly on Khadija, the wife of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

Girls enjoyed lively debate, visual presentations, group work and an active continuum. Their responses reflected both critical enquiry and a desire to breakdown some of the stereotypes generated by the media.   Many thanks to Mrs Young and the RS department for organising the event; we are really pleased to sustain our positive links with the Muslim community.

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