Dr Iain Law – Philosophy at University

On Tuesday 15th September, Dr Iain Law, Undergraduate Admissions tutor for Philosophy at the University of Birmingham visited KEHS at the invitation of Mrs Young and met with girls studying RS to answer questions and offer advice to those considering reading Philosophy/PPE and related subjects at University.

Dr Law has written widely across many aspects of philosophical enquiry and has a particular interest in the philosophy of health and wellbeing.

Dr Law stated that Philosophy develops the transferable skills that employers prize. He observed that Admissions tutors esteem clear thinking and the ability to articulate ideas. Personal statements must reflect ‘authentic enthusiasm for the chosen discipline’.

Philosophy courses across the country range from the traditional to those that focus on contemporary trends in the subject and applicants need to be sure that their interests are matched to the courses and specialisms on offer at each institution.

Asked where reading around the subject should begin, Dr Law cited Thomas Nagel’s ‘What does it all mean’ (ISBN: 9780195174373)

He ended the session with a philosophical brain teaser focused on ‘The problem of material constituency’- ‘If you take a ball of clay and mould it into a statue, how many things do you have?’

Answers on a postcard, please!

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