‘A POWERFUL FORCE’ – By Laura Stevens

Laura’s poem ‘A POWERFUL FORCE’ was selected from over 1800 entries in the NASUWT creative writing section of the National ‘ARTS and MINDS’ competition.



Mere vibrations in the atmosphere,

A snapshot into the mind of another.

A masterpiece crafted in air

Most will be lost in space and time

Forgotten by the few who did hear

Some will remain forever,

They will awe,

They will inspire,

They will be taught,

They will be treasured.

But others will do far, far worse.

They can box you in,

Surround you in labels,

Leave you wondering who you really are.

They can be uttered in seconds

But torment for a lifetime

Ingrained into our consciousness

Woven into our dreams

They can force us together

Or pull us apart,

Categorise us

Because of how we look

Or the way we act

They can define us,

Or tear us to pieces

No shield or armour or shelter

Can protect us from their destruction

The cuts they make may never heal.

They can strike anywhere

In an office, in a street, in a playground

“You’re a freak,” They say

“You’re an idiot”

“You’re a mistake”

“a fail”

“a waste of space”

“a loser”

“a piece of dirt”

“a nothing.”

But how powerful can words really be,

When no number of words can describe

just how incredible an individual is?

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