HOPE – By Maha Salman

Maha Salman’s poem ‘Hope’ was the National winner of the ANNE FRANK POETRY award.


As siren sounds, a life is broken

Eyes glaze with depression

As those who hide in the shadows




As their hope disintegrates into dust




Wondering if their screams will cease to carry

anchors made out of a thousand tears.



Agonisingly mind numbing pain.

As evil torments each house,

corners unturned by this new found darkness

Eliciting terror

People can only watch in grievous silence

As loved ones are stabbed with sickening poison

Robbed of their purity

Robbed of their dignity.

The hidden people

Only wonder

If their pain and abuse is all for nothing.


Hope’s world used to exist

As oblivious laughter and sweet messages

merged to form a girl

whose world was full of beauty


Beautiful memories-
Father taking her to the sea shore

Feeling the soft waves kiss her feet

With which it made her feel invincible

Whilst eating cream cakes

And dreaming a sweet dream


Hope was a young girl-
Miss Anne Frank

Her mind filled with naivety

Believing deeply

That people are really good at heart.

Despite hiding behind dust

Screaming in terror from her nightmares

She believed that behind misery there was beauty


No man

No solider

No priest

Is used to represent the voice of the Jews

Only a simple little girl represents the Jews

Who showed what life can be through her little checked book

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